Jack is 13 months! (Omaha Child Photography)

Jack is the adorable nephew of two great friends who now live in Omaha.  We went out to visit them a few weeks ago and I was able to sneak in this mini-session of Jack.  He was hilarious, my favorite thing during this session was Jack playing with his Collie, Sluggo.  Poor Sluggo, Jack thought it was absolutely the best game ever to just slam the back door shut on Sluggo, who moved out of the way every time.  (I think they'd played that game before).  Jack has the best grin and burst into fits of laughter at Sluggo's expense several times.  His mom & dad, Angie and Jason, also got in on the fun but Jack wasn't a fan of all three of them in a photo together - he preferred them one at a time. Thanks again Angie and Jason, can't wait to see you all during our next trip!


And we couldn't leave out Sluggo......