Rene & Tommy (Nashville Child Photography)

We had quite a little group of people at Dragon Park a few weeks ago, and I'm sure we were having the most fun of anyone playing there.  Tommy & Rene are cousins.  Tommy and his mom Nicole live in Chicago and were visiting Rene and his family for a few days.  Rene's mom Trisha thought it would be a great time to get some photos done of both boys, and I couldn't agree more.  Tommy is 2 years old and Rene is 18 months, so they were definitely on the go, but we kept up and got some great images in the process! My favorite of the two boys together is of them "discussing" who would be in charge of Rene's little Yorkie, Pebbles.  She was such a good sport letting the boys walk her all over the park!

Enjoy the preview,