Max & Jack on the farm! {Omaha Children's Photography}

Meet Max & Jack! I was so excited to get to photograph these two adorable boys during a recent trip to Omaha! I had photographed Jack before, last year before Max made his appearance into the world and now they are 2  and 7 months - hard to believe how fast time flies.  I'd also like to introduce Sluggo - their very large, sweet Collie who I just love in this photo below :)

Thanks so much Angie & Jason for inviting me to your home for this session, can't wait to do it again!


And I don't normally put captions on my images, but some of these I just couldn't resist doing it to.....

Baby Brad Pitt

And this one reminds me of the episode of Seinfeld when George poses for the photo....remember that one?

I love all their old toys - trucks and tractors everywhere!