Introducing Earline - our new foster puppy!

What better way to ring in the new year than introducing our newest foster pup with East C.A.N., Earline! She is the absolute sweetest little gal! So, a few facts about her:

-She's about 16 weeks old.

-She was found with her brother (Earl) in Shelby park, and the pair followed their finder home.

-She is a Plott Hound mix, brindle with a darker stripe across her backbone - very pretty :)

Now, those are the facts, but this is the info that makes her really special:

Earline is a sweet, sweet girl. She loves nothing more to be upside down on the floor at your feet to get a belly rub or just laying in the room you are in watching what you are doing. She is getting along great with our dog Rosie, and is completely ignoring our two cats - which is amazing because most of the puppies we've had have had at least one lesson from the cats on personal space :). Not Earline, she just leaves them completely alone and they aren't stressed around her at all.  Earline attended her first New Year's get together last night and also ignored our friends 7 month old baby. Of course we watched closely, and the little one was in her activity center (so not on the floor), but she had no interest in her at all.

Earline is also doing great with potty-training and crate training.  She loves to play fetch & is already learning to sit - a smart girl for sure!

So, if this glowing report didn't sell you, just take a look at this sweetie.  Please contact me or East C.A.N.  if you are interested in meeting her or her brother Earl (who looks just like her, except he's a bit taller and thinner).

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