Hi there! 

I am so excited about  photographing you and your pets! I am passionate about both photography and animals, so it is only natural for my photography business to be focused on "pets and their people."  I love the way animals bring out the best in people, and whether I'm photographing a family, an engagement, or a wedding I think it's important to include ALL the family members - including the furry ones!

My husband David and I have four rescue animals (read more about them on my adopt page), and we work with several local organizations here in Nashville through fostering (as well as photographing) and connect them with forever families. Please consider adopting your next pet - and there are rescue groups for every type of breed!

Mandy Whitley Photography | Nashville Pet Photographer | Nashville Dog Photographer

A few fun facts about me: 

-I LOVE animals (you probably already figured that out). My love of animals goes back to my childhood growing up on a farm in Southeast Missouri. 

-I will watch any tv show or movie where there are fancy outfits and accents! 

-We love to give our animals people names (Don Draper, Rosie.....you get the idea).

-I love books, but only in my car (don't worry audio only ;) 

-I love to be outside, in fact I'm typing this right now from my back porch with all my pups around me.

I can't wait to meet you and your furry family!

~ Mandy