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One of the most important parts of a successful wedding day is having the right vendors working with you. One of the most important parts of having a successful (and happy) wedding planning process is having the right wedding planner working with you.

We had the help of a wedding planner during our wedding and I firmly believe it was one of the best things we could have done. So today, I want to introduce you to Kristin Kaplan, owner of Simply Stunning Events. Kristin is such a sweet person and loves what she does. She and her team will absolutely help you put together the wedding you've been dreaming about!

Simply Stunning Events Nashville

The lovely Kristin:

Kristin took some time to answer a few questions about her business and gave some great tips for your wedding planning!

How did you get started doing wedding and event planning? Why do you love it?

I first got started working in weddings while I was living in Los Angeles and working in television. I was intrigued with the idea of wedding planning so I met up with a local planner and offered to help her in anyway I could. I love that working in weddings allows me to use both sides of my brain with the organization, logistics, and detail but also with the creativity and emotional aspect of the job. In the summer of 2007 my husband was offered a job in Nashville and after we moved I figured it was the perfect time to launch my own business!

How would you describe your style to brides?

My planning style is very much a combination of being a straight-shooter and honest but also relaxed as I want the process to be stress-free and fun for my couples. My couples can always count on me to tell them what they need to hear even when it might not be what they want to hear. I always want them to love their wedding day, but not at the expense of blowing their budget.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced while helping a bride plan their wedding?

The biggest challenge I often face while helping a bride to plan her wedding is lining up the budget with the expectations. Often brides have big dreams and grand ideas of what they want, especially after they see many styled shoots on wedding blogs, but don’t realize what those grand ideas will cost. The hardest part of my job is making sure each bride has the beautiful wedding she envisions but also within her budget.

What advice would you give brides on how to choose a wedding planner?

In choosing a wedding planner, brides should definitely consider the personality of the planner as well as how much experience and credibility the planner has. You want to be sure the planner has many weddings under his or her belt and is well connected and well liked in the wedding industry where you live. Read any reviews you can find and ask to check references. But most importantly you have to be comfortable and enjoy your time with him or her! You’ll be spending a lot of time with your planner both prior to the wedding and on the wedding day so make sure you have fun and get along great!

If you could give our brides one piece of advice for their wedding what would it be?

My one piece of advice to brides would be to soak it all in on the wedding day. It’s going to fly by and you’ll only get one chance to enjoy it so be sure to take time throughout the day to step back, breath, and take it all in. It’s so amazing to see both of your families and friends all together celebrating with you.

What is one thing that brides often overlook during the wedding planning process?

The one thing I feel brides often overlook in the planning process is taking the time up front to research the wedding planning industry where you’ll be getting married. Really take an honest look at what the average vendor costs are in your area before creating a budget as it will save you may headaches in the future.

What is one thing that brides spend too much time worrying about during the wedding planning process?

The one thing brides spend too much time worrying about during the wedding planning process is most often the tiny details. Many brides worry that they will miss something or some small detail will fall through the cracks. This is why it’s important to have a complete to-do list that outlines everything that needs to be taken care of and when. It will help you feel confident that everything is coming together as it should and that you won’t forget anything!

And just for fun, what is your ideal vacation destination and why?

My ideal vacation destination is actually a little lakeside cabin in upstate New York that my family owns. It’s tiny, there’s no insulation, we have to drink bottled water because all the running water comes straight from the lake, it’s by no means luxurious but it doesn’t even matter to me. I’ve been going every summer since I was born and for some reason it’s the most relaxing place for me. I can truly unwind, shut out the world, and just spend my days swimming, laying by the lake, doing water sports, reading, and spending time with my family. It’s my little piece of heaven!

Here are a few images from Simply Stunning Events!

Simply Stunning Events Nashville
Simply Stunning Events Nashville
Event Planning Nashville

Thanks Kristin for taking the time to tell us more about you and your business! Please visit her website at to learn more.

~ Mandy

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