An update on Don Draper! {Nashville Pet Photographer}

Today's blog post is such a fun one for me, since I get to share what's happened with our last foster puppy Don Draper. We got the little guy in early December when he was just 8 pounds. It's amazing how much things change in just a few months.

He is tall and those little ears are completely standing up making him look like a cross between a whippet and a german shepherd (at least to me). He is now Bronx and is in a great forever home with Christopher & Michelle! He's got it made!

They live so close to The Ellington Agricultural Center we headed over there for his new family session. He took a few minutes for him to warm back up to me, but before long we were playing fetch and he was running (and running fast!) all over the place. And, as you can see, he still loves sticks.

Thanks again Christopher and Michelle for giving him such a good home!

~ Mandy

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