East C.A.N. Adoptable Pups {Nashville Dog Photographer}

I really love working with East C.A.N., and in my opinion, they have some of the best pups around! This past week I was able to photograph four more of these cuties who are up for adoption (or will be soon!) If you are interested in meeting any of these dogs please contact East C.A.N. You may not see them on the adoptables page yet, but part of that is getting these photos up - Penny is there under her full name Penelope and Kate is there as well :)

First up, Penny! Penny actually stayed with us for a week while her foster was out of town and I have to say we fell for her just a little bit ;) She's about 40 pounds and loves to love. Those while marks on her face are just white/grey hairs & they just add to her already awesome character.

Next up - Kate!! Kate came into East C.A.N. with a litter of sweet puppies and while they've all been adopted long ago, Kate's still waiting on her forever home - and none of us can figure out why. She's a sweet, athletic bird/hound mix and she wants to come home with you!

Now, let's talk about these two pups - Buckethead and Roscoe. They were living on the porch of an empty house until kind neighbors decided to try to tame them and get them off the streets. Buckethead is moving along well in all of this and may just be the most  photogenic dog ever. Roscoe is taking longer to warm up, but is such a cute pup, I know they will both be great!

First up: Buckethead

Nashville Dog Photographer

And his buddy Roscoe:

Nashville Dog Photographer Pets for Adoption
Nashville Dog Photographer Pets for Adoption

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