Fall has arrived and with it a new furry focus for Mandy Whitley Photography!

Hey Everyone and Happy Fall! With the change of the season, I have some exciting news to share! After seven+ years photographing many wonderful people, pets, weddings and events I’m so excited to announce a shift in the focus of my photography to pets and their people!

I know what you are thinking - “Aren’t you already doing that?” The answer is YES! My photography has always included pets (mainly dogs because they are a little easier to take on location). As my business matures, my love of animals and photographing them has become increasingly important and it’s what I truly have a passion for doing. So, what does this mean for you? Essentially I am refocusing my efforts on photo sessions that involve pets and their people - this can be a wedding, a portrait session, an engagement session, a senior session - really any type of photo shoot where the people want to share the spotlight with their favorite furry friends.

But wait!? I don’t have a dog or a cat or a horse! Not a problem – my photography will still include sessions without animals but overall, I will be focusing on this new direction with most new clients as I look towards 2015.

As a result of this shift, ….you will be seeing lots more four-legged friends on this blog/facebook page ….I will be consolidating my blog/facebook efforts to this general Mandy Whitley Photography blog and Facebook page. I will stop using my Mandy Whitley Weddings blog/website/facebook page.

A big thanks to all of you for your amazing support over the last seven years! I look forward to your continued support through this exciting change!

And because no blog post is complete without a photo, here is a pretty hilarious family self portrait we did yesterday! So you know who is who - David is holding Buzzsaw (black cat on a black shirt), I'm holding Skywalker (who clearly wasn't interested in the photo as he is actually turned backwards), Don Draper is the handsome boy looking at me and Rollo is the equally handsome boy beside David. And Rosie, well, she's the pup at the bottom of the frame. It seems she got tired of all our antics and decided to lay down and so is only halfway in the picture. A pretty realistic photo for us :)

~ Mandy (Also my hubby David, and our fur kids-Don Draper, Rosie, Rollo, Skywalker, and Buzzsaw)

P. S. If you are an animal lover who is interested in adopting, let me know! I am super passionate about fostering and rescuing animals and I am happy to hook you up with the great resources available here in Nashville!

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