Sweet husky mix Lucy and her human & cat family! {Nashville Pet Photography}

I knew going into this session that I was photographing a husky mix named Lucy, along with her four humans. But I didn't know Lucy also has SIX cat siblings....and of course I had to get them in on the fun too.

Now, not all of the cats were excited to see me, in fact, there were only two that were interested in my arrival at their house, the other four were not as impressed. We were still able to get everyone involved :)

Lucy, though, she stole the show!  Such a sweet dog and her family LOVES her so much (and all the cats too). I'm so excited to share my favorites from the day of her and everyone else!

Thanks for looking-

~ Mandy

Here's Lucy!

And her VERY curious & sweet cat sibling, Niblet.

I feel like this gorgeous kitten, Max, is more of a dog/cat hybrid - here he is with his humans Samantha & Sydney!

Evie was unimpressed with me and my antics :)

As was Marcie - that's as close as she'd let me get.

The elusive Gracie had to be assisted into the photoshoot - isn't she pretty?

And this is Punky - cutie!

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