Shenanigoats Yoga {Nashville Pet Photographer}

If you've ever considered trying yoga and haven't found the right opportunity yet, this week's blog is for you!

I had an absolute blast taking photos for a goat yoga class last weekend at Shenanigoats Yoga! And no, the class isn't for teaching yoga to goats, but it does involve doing yoga while hanging out with the sweetest goat babies you've ever seen. 

Although everyone loved them all, Mac, a 12-day-old goat, was the biggest star of the class. Goats are extremely fun animals to be around. They bounce, jump, eat leaves and they made the yogis in the class happy (and more than a little distracted in the best way). 

Shenanigoats originally started with Shenanigoat Landscaping, a goat grazing lawn service right here in Nashville. After becoming interested in the possibilities of combining a yoga class with their friendly baby goats, they decided to give it a try. And I'm so glad they did!

~ Mandy

**And the week after I photographed the class I was able to attend and had my own experience with baby goats on my back in downward dog & plank. Let me just tell you, it's the best way to do yoga!

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