The Vreeland Family {Nashville Dog & Family Photographer}

On this week's blog I'll be showcasing a family photography session with two very sweet English bulldogs!

Below are some of my favorites from the Vreeland family's session, which includes Mary Glenn, Dave, their 14 year old son William, and their two dogs Dumplin' and Walter.

When I asked how they came up with such unique names for their dogs, Mary said, "As soon as we met Dumplin’ (when he was 6 weeks old), it was the first name that came to me – based on his looks."

And Walter's name has quite a unique story: it's Mary's maiden name! She said, "When we only had Dumplin’ and our family would travel, my parents took care of Dumplin’. English bulldogs require a great deal of attention so my parents were very kind to care for Dumplin’. When we started to consider getting another bulldog, my parents said that if we did, they would not take care of two bulldogs when we were out of town. When we got our second bulldog, my husband, son, and I thought creatively about names that would make my parents immediately love our new bulldog and decided on my maiden name, Walter!"

English bulldogs are also some of the most loyal companions. Mary described them as "essentially 60-pound kittens who need constant companionship," which I thought was the cutest and certainly accurate way to describe them - very much like our Bassett Hound Rosie!

The Vreeland Family also published a wonderful book called Dumplin' Can Play, which they wrote after their last bulldog, Rufus, passed away. 

I hope that you enjoy some of these favorites from this session with such a sweet and loving family. 


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