Riley, Lara & George {Nashville Dog Photographer}

On the blog this week is another family and pet photography session at the Ellington Agricultural Center, this time with Lara, George and their super sweet pup Riley! 

Riley is a German Shorthaired Pointer, and almost ten years old! He's still got a ton of energy, and loves outdoor adventures both big and small: parks, the woods, a walk around the neighborhood. George and Riley even get up almost every morning for the last 8.5 years to go for a run, and they both love the time they spend together before the sun comes up. 

And apparently Riley really hates any beeping sounds! They had to turn the beep function off of many home appliances so that he wouldn't run outside!

Lara and George adopted him from a family living outside of Memphis. The family and their neighbors each had a German Shorthaired Pointer, and they created a litter of pups! Lara and George were on their way back home to Nashville from a family visit in Texas when they picked him up. 

When I asked what they love most about him, Lara said, "Riley is such a content and silly dog, and up for any type of activity or cuddling session. We've come to find out that these qualities are typical of the breed. One of the unique things is that we get stopped constantly on the street by people who want to compliment him, ask about the breed or tell us a story about a GSP that they have owned/own."

I hope you enjoy some of my favorite photographs from this session!

~ Mandy

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