The Holland Family {Nashville Cat Photographer}

I’m so excited to have some sweet kitties on the blog today!

Meet the Holland family: Adam, Andrea, Aidan, Austin and their cats KitKat and Kisses.

Even though they aren’t sisters, both girls are about one and a half years old and were adopted together. Kisses is a domestic medium hair tabby and KitKat is a domestic short hair calico.

Andrea told me the boys named them. “Aidan chose KitKat before we went to pick her up, and Austin chose Kisses after we got home that afternoon. Their names fit their personalities well! Kisses is very affectionate. KitKat is Miss Independent and constantly getting into mischief. Kisses takes on the Momma role and is more timid. She can definitely be a “scaredy cat” at times.

They love to chase the little balls from the boys’ Nerf guns because they can easily fit in their mouths and bounce high. They also love to chase the laser pointer. They love laying outside on our screened porch. They love to pounce on each other and can get pretty rough. It’s hilarious to watch them, and they constantly keep us entertained!

We rescued them on December 1, 2017, from the Nashville Cat Rescue at Pet Supermarket in Cool Springs.”

Aidan is 13. He plays drums and is in a rock band called Donut Creme. He’s in 7th grade at Woodland Middle.

Austin is 10. He loves karate and is currently an orange belt. He has his green belt and will get his purple belt in April! He’s in 4th grade at Crockett Elementary.

Thanks for looking!


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