The Datzman Family {Nashville Pet Photographer}

This week you get to see one of my favorite family photography sessions from this past fall. Meet the Datzmans: Alex, Alicia, their daughter Grace and their three sweet dogs! We had  fun among the gorgeous autumn leaves at Sarah Benson Park near their home in Thompson's Station.

Lance is a 12-year-old Weimaraner who got his name from Lance Armstrong, since Alex is into cycling. He's a fan of tennis balls, fetch, affection from anyone and a good sniff! Alicia says he's her spirit creature, and they love that he's athletic, expressive, intelligent and sometimes ridiculously funny. 

Their second pup is George, a lab/border collie mix who is nearly the same age as Lance (only a week apart!). They adopted him after their vet in Oklahoma rescued him and he'd been passed around to a few foster families without a forever home. They brought him in for a trial run and although the first night was horrendous (he howled from his crate for most of it), they decided to keep him and now he's forever part of the family. He's Alex's spirit animal: easy going, lovable, laid back and ready for adventures as soon as you grab the leash!

Last but definitely not least is Bonnie, who's only six years old and is a black mouth cur. She was the runt of the litter -- only 2.5 pounds initially! -- and Alicia just had to rescue her even though they already had 150 lbs. of dogs at home. She and Grace are glued at the hip.  Bonnie seemed to think that Grace was her puppy and has stayed near her ever since. They've even been known to nap on Bonnie's dog bed together! :)  

Here are some of my favorites from this adorable fall session!

~ Mandy

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