The Lane Family {Nashville Pet Photography}

On the blog this week is the Lane family: Laurie, Jason, and their two children, Connor and Drew. We had so much fun taking photos this past fall at Percy Warner Park. They even brought Laurie's mom along for the session who was in town visiting!

I've been lucky enough to take their family photographs four times now -- and last time was when their pup Luna became a brand new member to the group (you can see how much she's grown in their last family session with me here). 

Luna's AKC name is 'Rustic Lane's Whiskey Moon' (Luna for short) and it seems to fit, since the Lanes love her to the moon and back! She loves spending time in Connor's arm, but does tend to have a small dog complex and will bark at people until she assesses whether or not they are a threat. 

Luna's calm and super sweet, which is great for the kids. There was a time when Connor was struggling with stress, and when Luna entered the family, he seemed to manage the stress much better!

Luna also loves hiking, kayaking and going on outdoorsy adventures! But at the same time, she is equally happy being home and snuggling under the covers (how cute!).

Here are some of my favorites!

~ Mandy

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