The May Family {Tennessee Family Photographer}

I recently met with the May family at Sarah Benson Park in Thompson's Station, TN for a fun family and pet photography session! Below you'll see Angel, Anthony, their daughter Bella, and their two adorable pups: Presley and Maya.

Presley is a 13-year-old Havanese who often showed a lot of dominance as a puppy. Since he acted like the King, they named him Presley! He's definitely a lap dog (it's his happy place) who loves his momma.

Their favorite thing about Presley is his calm, nurturing demeanor. He is like a therapy dog and has been a real comfort through tragedies in life. Angel was at a dog training class with her shelter dog when she met Presley’s breeder. She fell in love with the breed because of their sweet disposition and her mom bought Presley before she passed from ovarian cancer. She knew he’d be there to love Angel when she was gone.

Maya is an Australian Shepherd puppy who got her name based on her actions and looks by Bella. She was also Bella's 8-year-old birthday gift and now they are the best of friends! They both love to play outside together, and Maya is a smart, yet hilarious dog the family loves to pieces. Everyone who meets her falls immediately in love with Maya. 

Bella spent 4 months researching dog breeds online and from TV shows to find the perfect dog for her. The Aussie has the playfulness, intellect and look she wanted. Bella is now 9 and is going into 4th grade this year. She’s an outdoorsy girl who loves all animals (especially dogs!) and has played soccer for several years. She wants to be a K9 trainer in the air force when she grows up, which I just love!

Enjoy some of my favorites below!

~ Mandy

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