The Patterson Family {Nashville Family Photographer}

It's always so fun to take family portraits for people I've known for several years. Meet the Patterson family, including Tavi, Kevin, their two-year-old son Cullen, and their two furry family members Phoebe and Reese! 

I was their wedding photographer for their big day at one of my favorite venues, CJ's Off the Square. You can check out their wedding photos online here!

The photos on the blog today are from their first official portrait session since having Cullen. Having the opportunity to capture multiple special moments for a family is truly something I never take for granted!

It was also so much fun to learn more about their pups! Reese got her name because they thought she looked like a peanut butter cup (so cute!) and it just stuck. She loves sleeping under the blankets and isn't a big fan of being outside when it's windy. They adopted her from a friend who rescues dogs, and she's such a smart and agile dog during playtime!

When they first planned to get Phoebe, Kevin was intending to name her Moxy, but once we saw her she looked like a Phoebe! She loves being outside and is really friendly to just about anyone. They adopted her from Love at First Sight.

I hope you enjoy these favorites from their family session!

~ Mandy

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