East C.A.N. Dogs for Adoption {Nashville Dog Photographer}

It's that time again! Another sweet bunch of pups from East C.A.N. need you help them find their forever home, and in a couple cases a more permanent foster home as well. I have so much fun during these shoots - it always amazes me how dogs can be neglected, forgotten and left behind and still be so sweet and love people so much!  And just a warning, this is going to be a long post - really because these pups were so photogenic I have to share lots of their photos! Now, on to the good stuff - pup pictures!!

Meet Zeus!! Zeus is a sweet, large, 6 month old puppy. He's most likely a boxer/great dane mix, he gets along with other dogs, is good on a leash, and is crate and potty trained. This face. Love him.

Next up - Buddy! Buddy is a pit mix and is about 9 months old. He's good with other dogs, in fact his new bestie is his foster's border collie mix. He's doing well on a leash. He needs a home with no cats and he's good with older kids. And he has the kindest puppy eyes you've ever seen.

And here's Barney! Barney's a shepherd/boxer mix.  He's an energetic young guy, but is full grown at around  45  lbs - a perfect size! I'm a sucker for brindle coats, and his guy is just awesome!

Last, but certainly not least, we have Winnie and Iris. East C.A.N. does not normally get little dogs, and we know they are going to get alot of great attention. Right now, they need a permanent foster or a forever home will work too! (their finder already has 4 pups & 4 cats, and took these two girls in as well).  

They were abandoned by their owners, and were a bit skittish at first, but have really warmed up! These are the kind of pups who will want to be with their owners all the time (and probably in the lap of their owners if you want to get right down to it). They are both crate, leash and potty trained and both get along great with the other dogs & cats in their finder's house!

Winnie is the bigger of the two, and is an approximately one year old Jack Russell mix. She is very social, and really wants to be with her person.

Iris is a Chihuahua who is about 5 years old. She's a little more independent and mellow, but still loves being with her person as much as she can.

Please let me or East C.A.N. know if you are interested in adopting any of these pups! If you don't see them on the adoptables page just yet they will be there soon!

Thanks and please share,

~ Mandy