New Fosters - Nainoa & Charlie! {Nashville Pet Photographer}

Well, it's time for a personal blog post this morning with an official introduction of our new fosters - a dog AND a cat. Nainoa comes to us from East C.A.N. and he is seriously the BEST behaved foster dog we have ever had. I can't say enough good things about this dog. He is a super cute spaniel mix with tuffs of fur between his toes. He's 2 or 3 years old and about 40 pounds- a perfect mid sized dog.

We've had Nainoa for about two weeks now and we've never had to correct him about anything. He's potty trained, crate trained, leaves the cats alone and plays perfectly with Don Draper. He's always happy to see us and loves to lay on your feet at night. When our two are barking at the mailman or UPS truck he doesn't make a peep. Crazy good dog folks.  He's also good around kids! We think anyone would be lucky to get this guy.

And now for the fun part, photos!

Now, we can't leave out our other, less expected foster - Charlie! Charlie had been hanging around outside for about a week - mainly at my neighbors place (where is got his name from their 4 year old :) and then three days went by and no one saw him. He was sweet and loving, just wanted to be held or jump in your open car door.

After those three days I found him again by the side of the road and we decided to bring him in and try to find him a good home. Charlie is SUCH a handsome guy, definitely still a kitten in alot of ways, but looks pretty grown up. We are getting him fixed and vetted this week. He is such a little love, and he needs to have a home of his own.

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