Opie, Jax & Roger {Nashville Dog Photographer}

You are going to see a lot of sweet dogs on the blog this week! First up are the two super cute babies we are fostering right now - Opie & Jax! (Yes, we do love to name pups after our favorite TV shows).  Opie (the fluffy boy) and Jax (the smaller pup) are 2 out of 4 puppies rescued along with their momma, Sassy, last weekend at an abandoned house.

The puppies are only 6-7 weeks old now, which makes them the youngest we've ever fostered. Also, this is our first time with two puppies at once! The puppies are healthy, sweet, and curious little guys. They've had their first round of shots and are weighing in at 5 pounds. Their mom is a small brown heinz 57 - a true mix and we have no idea who their dad is. They are ready to go to their forever homes!

I also photographed several of East C.A.N.'s adult dogs last weekend and am so excited to share them on the blog this week as well. Starting off the week we have Roger! Roger is a fun loving, energetic, 11 month old pup that loves to hike, walk, play, and  canoe. He's a black & white mix weighing about 40 pounds. He is great at the dog park and loves playing with his foster brother and sister. He aims to please and is a great learner.

This was so true during his photo shoot - he was really trying to figure out what we wanted him to do! He knows how to sit, stay, and a partial rollover. He is on the East C.A.N. website as adoption pending, but that is no longer the case- Roger's potential adopters had a change of situation and could not complete the adoption process.

If you are interested in these sweet boys please contact me or go directly to East C.A.N.'s website and fill out an application. All applications for introductions to the dogs and puppies are based on who put in the application first, so don't delay!

Also, I know that the wonderful ladies of East C.A.N. are doing a lot of updating to the website this week - so if you don't see these pups on there just yet don't worry!

Meet Opie. I mean come on, how sweet is this face!

Okay, Jax is just as sweet and a curious little guy! I really can't get enough of either one!

The boys together!

And here's Roger - love those ears - very Yoda! :)

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