Amy & Faulkner {Nashville Pet Photographer}

On the blog this week is a fun pet portrait session with a couple familiar faces: Amy and Faulkner! I've worked with them several times before -- you can even check out their fall mini session from a couple of years ago here

Faulkner got his name from Amy's favorite author: William Faulkner.  He loves tennis balls more than anything, playing with them all over the house, in the yard, and will even sleep with them nearby. 

Faulkner is a rescue from Southeast German Shorthair Pointer (SEGSP) Rescue. Amy met his foster parents in Montgomery in April of 2012 to pick him up, and although they live in Mobile, they've kept in touch ever since.

Amy says her favorite thing about him is his zest for life: "It's infectious! The way his face lights up when he sees a ball would make anyone smile." She loves how sweet, yet regal he can be -- when he lies in her lap she just melts! Although the breed has a lot of energy, Amy's totally okay with that because so does she! :)

Here are a few of my favorites!

~ Mandy

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