The Fair Family {Nashville Dog Photographer}

I met the Fair family recently for a fun portrait session with their pups! Meet Deb, Rob, their son Ian, Deb's mom Ayako, and their three rescue dogs: Bonnie Hunt, Lily James and Chloe Stella McCartney!

I loved how Deb came up with some cute celebrity names since she grew up in Los Angeles, and the dogs themselves were super sweet. All three are Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, each one with their own unique personality. Deb and Rob first fell in love with the breed's gentle, sweet nature and big puppy dog eyes on a family reunion trip on the coast of Washington. One of their relatives had one and they were instantly smitten!

Bonnie is 14 and was adopted from Lucky Star Cavalier Rescue. She is a total Daddy's girl -- absolutely adores Rob! She also prances and dances when she knows there is a meal to be had, and can be a bit of a food diva. 

Lily and Chloe were both adopted from The Cavalier Rescue. Lily is 6 years old and is the hunter of the family, always gifting everyone with surprises. She'll even run alongside Deb for short distances! And Chloe is only 2 years old, but a total spitfire when guarding the house (think: mighty but tiny with a large attitude!). And although she's the smallest of the three, her snore is "like that of a 100-pound dog" according to Deb!

And not only does Deb have a love for her own furry family members at home, but she's a big part of the PEDIGREE Foundation, a non-profit that supports shelters and rescues with grant funding to get more dogs adopted. She says she's really proud of the work she does to raise awareness of dog adoptions through their grants program! 

Enjoy my favorite previews from their family session!

~ Mandy

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