4 Ways to Include Your Pet on Your Wedding Day {Nashville Wedding Photographer}

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I love it when my couples include pets in their wedding day. After all, they are family too! Here are a few tips on how to include them in a stress free way.

Pet-Friendly Wedding

1. Find a Pet-Friendly Wedding Venue

Not all venues are pet friendly so make sure you ask before you book if you want to include your furry friend. Even if the venue is pet friendly, make sure they are pet friendly to the extent you need them to be. If you want your little pup with you while you are getting ready, but the venue only allows him to be outside, it might not be the right fit for you.

Pet-Friendly Wedding Venue Nashville

2. Designate Someone to Be a Pet Handler

The best advice I can give is to find a pet handler for your wedding day, since it really helps takes the stress off you! This can certainly be a guest, but it must be someone who won’t be in any of the formal photos so they can handle your pup without worrying about getting dirty, and they will be able to take them home at the appropriate time.

Pet Wedding Decor

3. Include Pet Decor

You can add an additional touch of pet love by adding pet decor in your wedding. You could have a pet related theme on your invitations. At the wedding you can add a take-home treat table, or you could even have a 'dog park' set up for your pup and any of the guest's dogs that attend your celebration! Consider including your pup in your engagement photos and display them at the wedding location as well.

4. Know Your Pet

Not every dog is up for a wedding celebration. Some pups get nervous in crowds and just aren’t going to be a good at walking those rings down the aisle. Please don’t try to force your pup to participate when you know they won't enjoy it. If I’m talking about your pup (and don’t worry, I have one of those as well) and you’d really like to include him/her, consider having that friend we talked about bring them in for a few photos with just the two of you!

Nashville Wedding Photographer

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