The Loeffler Family {Nashville Pet Photographer}

I absolutely love it when other photographers come to me for their photography needs, especially when they have not one, but three adorable pets! Meet Kelly (the fellow photographer) and her husband Chris! These two have two cats, Leroy & Ralphie, and just adopted a new puppy named Rhett.

Kelly said that when they brought Leroy home from Paws of Rutherford County he was originally named Penguin -- but he acted like such an old man so they thought "Leroy" would be a better fit. He loves treats and quiet time, and hates being petted anywhere but his head. What they love most about him is his distinguished look! 

Then with their second cat, they liked the old man name theme and Kelly's grandpa's name is Ralph, which is how they came up with Ralph(ie). He loves snuggles; however, he isn't too fond of his snuggles being interrupted by Rhett jumping on him. 

With Rhett, Kelly and Chris were debating between a Tennessee-driven name or another old man name. And since they really like Thomas Rhett, they thought Rhett would be the perfect Southern boys name for their new pup. He loves frisbee, but doesn't love that his cat brothers won't play with him. 

Here is what Kelly had to say about sweet Rhett: "Rhett's eyes are just so beautiful and he has a great personality and temperament. Although I have always loved Australian shepherds, because of their intelligence and looks, I love them even more now after meeting Rhett! I also cant get over how cute he is!" 

And I can't either! 

~ Mandy

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