Daisy {Brentwood Dog Photographer}

It's not every day I get the chance to take portraits of dogs as adorable and happy as Daisy!

Below you'll get to meet this playful 12-year-old basset hound and her parents Brittany and Mike.

Not only does she love food of any kind, but she has the sweetest basset hound eyes that no one can say no to! Brittany and Mike love her personality and are extremely glad she has really "come alive" since they adopted her after she had been neglected and used as a breeder. They found her at Willy's Happy Endings in Clarksville, TN, and now she's such an important part of the Walker family!

I had a blast with them at Smith Park in Brentwood, and since there was so much space for her to be off the leash, she ran a lot. More than she had ever run before, which made it all the more fun to photograph! 

I hope you enjoy my favorites from their session!

~ Mandy

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