The Thieret Family {Nashville Dog Photographer}

On the blog this week is another fun family photography session near my hometown in Cape Girardeau, Missouri!

Nicki and I go way back -- we've known each other since pre-kindergarten! I love getting the chance to work with her, her husband Jeff, their two boys (Jake and Zach) and their sweet pups (Cooper and Pepper). 

Cooper is a 7-year-old lab mix rescue from the Humane Society in Pine Bluff Arkansas. He's very laid back and loves to be petted while laying next to you. And if you stop for even a moment, he'll keep nudging you with his nose until you start again. Unfortunately, he also loves to roll in cow dung -- definitely not a fun thing to clean up!

Pepper is a 3-year-old west highland terrier and the only other gal in the house. She's feisty, doesn't realize how small she is, and loves being the dominant dog. She can also run like the wind, which makes it hard to catch her when necessary. Thankfully, she's a cuddler, and loves to snuggle with Nicki at the end of the day. 

I hope you enjoy these favorites from their family session! 

~ Mandy

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Missouri Dog Photographer
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