Harry Wilson {Nashville Dog Photographer}

Harry is a 13 year old mix of who knows just what exactly…..(mini schnauzer, terrier, Chinese crested…and the list could go on).

This handsome guy got his name from a book from the 50’s called Harry the Dirty Dog. It is about a mischievous little fella who gets into lots of trouble. A very fitting name for this pup.

He loves his hedgehog toy, sleeping in the bed with his people, and bird poop. He is not a fan of barbershop quartet singing, tuna, the mobile groomer, or his dad’s rancor star wars toy.

His mom, Kate, says that she loves the little twinkle in his eye most of all.

Harry was adopted from the Wilson County Animal Shelter. He actually crawled right into Kate’s purse as a tiny puppy... so of course she had to take him home.

When I asked Kate what she loved about all his mixed breeds she said: ‘Everything! I love ALL of them. Ha! I love his crazy hair (Chinese crested) to his sharp intelligence (terrier). He communicates. He has a sense of humor and he actually tries to tempt me with his toys. Right as I am about to grab his hedgehog he rips it away and runs down the hall. He definitely has a little devilish side (mini-schnauzer).’

Enjoy a few of my favorites from his session!


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