Meet Kravitz, Our New Foster Dog! {Nashville Dog Photographer}

I'm so excited to share some photos of our new foster dog Kravitz.  As most of you probably already know we started fostering in January of this year and out first dog, Charlie, recently found a fantastic forever home.  A few weeks later we saw an email about Kravitz and decided to see if he'd be a good fit for us.

Kravitz is a little different from most dogs in foster homes, he was actually with the same owner for 7 years (he and he brother Jerry were adopted by their owner at the age of two, making Kravitz 9 years old now).  Unfortunately, their owner had some major health problems and had to find homes for all his pups, which is how Kravitz & Jerry ended up with East C.A.N.

Kravitz is a very healthy guy and is fully vetted.  He loves to stick close by his person and spends most of his day in the office with me - in fact he's sort of watching me type this :)  He's a medium to large guy, weighing in at about 65 lbs (honestly, I'm not 100% sure how much he weighs, but it's a good guess).

He is super sweet, totally ignores our two cats and gets along well with our pup Rosie.  He has kind eyes and a very interesting coat of black, brown and white fur.  He's also good with kids and is leash trained!  We are working on crate training now and he's doing great with it.

If you are interested in meeting this guy please let me know or contact East C.A.N.  Also, please share his info with anyone who might be interested.

And, of course, here are some pictures of him!

Thanks for looking,

~ Mandy

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