The Daigle Family {Nashville Pet Photographer}

Right before Christmas, we took a little trip to visit our friends, the Daigle family! They used to live in Nashville, and now are back home in Fort Kent, Maine. We had a blast with a mini family and pet session at Rick's parents place!

Meet Rick, Cassie and their son, Keegan -- who has the cutest smile! Not only does he love his puppies, he loves to act like a puppy himself sometimes!

Their adorable pups are Molly, Layla and Hank. Molly is a border collie/Great Pyrenees mix who was adopted from Austin Humane Society. She's also SUPER friendly and definitely loves to be in your personal space, asking for love by putting her paw on you. 

Layla was adopted from Austin Pets Alive and originally had the name Kara. She's also very sweet and the most relaxed and laid back of the three dogs. Hank's original name was Guacamole! Before they adopted them, Cassie and Rick knew they wanted a Layla and a Hank, and I think their newer names fit them well. :) Hank is the protector of the house, but once he warms up to you, also just a love!

All of them love to play with other dogs, and can't get enough rawhide treats. They're all very snuggly and friendly, and have huge personalities that I just loved! Last, but not least, we also took a quick photo of the family with one of the oldest horses on the farm, named Bonnie.

Enjoy some of my favorites!

~ Mandy

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