Charlie, Our Foster Puppy {Nashville Dog Photographer}

A few days ago I posted some photos of our foster pup Charlie on Facebook, so you might have seen this cute face before but I didn't share any of the reasons why this guy is so awesome and why he may be your next pup bff!

As many of you know, David & I lost our Max about three months ago, very unexpectedly. He was a great dog, a seriously great dog, and we both felt it was way to soon to get another dog. Maybe someday, but not anytime soon. So, we started talking about fostering, which is something I did a lot of back before we had four animals in our house. Then I saw Charlie's info on Facebook, through the rescue & foster organization East C.A.N. and based on the info there I thought Charlie might just be the dog to foster.

So, two days after he was found roaming the streets of East Nashville wearing a harness but no collar or tags we picked him up and brought him home. The first couple days were tough, we don't think Charlie had ever been a house dog before, so it took a day or so for him to figure out what all that was about. We think he was an outside dog, not mistreated, just not paid too much attention to. Maybe got petted while getting fed once or twice a day and that's it. The East C.A.N. folks tried to locate an owner, but no one came forward and he had no micro-chip either.

A week has now gone by now and I can safely say that I think Charlie would make a great dog for anyone. Here are all the reason's why he is awesome!

-He learned how to sit & shake in a day
-He is being crate trained and is doing really well with it
-He's a great size, at 50 lbs, and tall enough to lay his head on your lap when you're sitting
-He gets along GREAT with other dogs AND cats
-He does not get on the furniture
-He does not chew on things
-He is learning how to play and has enjoyed learning how to play fetch inside with toys (but hasn't destroyed any toys at all)
-He will bark outside if someone's out there who isn't supposed to be, but doesn't bark inside or a lot at all
-He is not food aggressive with our other dog or the cats
-We haven't had him around any small kids yet, but did well with an older child that was at the house
-He is playful, but also pretty chill in general, so he's not constantly begging for attention, he's just as happy to lay on the floor beside you.

He did go to the vet this week and is a healthy guy! He's had flea & heartworm preventative, his shots and is now micro-chipped. The vet said he was approximately 3-5 years old.

So, just take a look at that list. Are you going to find a more awesome dog? I think it's unlikely. We've really enjoyed having him at our house and we can't wait to see him go to his forever home. If you are interested in meeting him or learning any other information about him please email me at or call us 615-902-7127. We are more than happy to let him have a trial run with you to make sure everything is good before you make it official!

~ Mandy

Nashville Dog Photographer
Nashville Dog Photographer
Nashville Dog Photographer
Nashville Dog Photographer
Nashville Dog Photographer

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