Our new foster pup - Louie! {Nashville Dog Photographer}

If you follow me on any type of social media you have, of course, already seen the super cute foster puppy we have - Louie! Louie has been with us now for just 5 days, and he's doing great! So, a little about Louie. He's about 8 weeks old now, and still a tiny thing - much smaller than our two cats (which they like :) He is a shepard mix, and although it's always tough to say how big a little puppy will one day be - it doesn't look as though he's going to be huge. We are thinking more in the medium size range.

He is just wonderful. Curious, playful, sweet - LOVES to nap on your lap! He's is only getting up once during the night to go outside (which is great for his age) and he is really getting the concept of potty training and has been doing really well with it. So, in a nutshell, he's pretty wonderful.

He could be yours! Just contact me or East C.A.N. directly if you are interested in meeting this sweetie!

~ Mandy

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